CTFF 2019 Presents: praCh’s DALAMA Chronicles (LIVE SHOW)- World Premiere

Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Traditional Music
| Live Show | 66 min | Khmer, English | WORLD PREMIERE

praCh’s statement about the show:

The year 2020 will mark the 20-year anniversary of the release of my first album, DALAMA: The end’n is just the beginnin’.

When I recorded DALAMA, I didn’t have a studio, a mixing board, or any fancy equipment. All I had were my stories — about my family, about the genocide in Cambodia, about our experiences as refugees in the U.S. – and a compelling desire to share them, to provide a glimpse into what our lives were like.

Many things have changed over the past 20 years, not only for me but for the diasporic Cambodian community, and yet one thing we all retain is our identity as Khmer. We struggle with it. We fight with it. We defend it. We embrace it. And now, twenty years later, I will be performing a show to commemorate it.

For this performance I am selecting songs from throughout my DALAMA trilogy (hence the broader title of the series, the DALAMA Chronicles), each reflecting different steps and phases along my life path, echoing myriad memories, dreams, and realities. As such, each composition will take you on a musical journey, from Cambodia to America, from past to present, exploring themes of war, suffering, resilience, and recovery, told through various musical forms – from rap and hip-hop to traditional ayai and phleng Khmer. The show will also include video projected on a movie screen, and feature several special guests.

It has been some time since I have performed for the Long Beach community, and so this show represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see me on stage in the place I was made to/came to call home.

Date: Saturday, September 14th, 8:00pm at Art Theatre Long Beach
 This is a (1x) show only. Ticket sales from this show will be donated to Khmer Alumni Association (KAA) and Qhmer.org

Featured Artist: praCh

praCh, is an internationally renown, critically acclaim, award winning artist. His debut album is the first #1 rap album in Cambodia. NEWSWEEK proclaim him as “The First Cambodian Rap Star”. Through masterful lyrics of powerful rap music, his music not only entertains but also educates.

“Renowned hip-hop artist praCh, who, in a fearless solo performance resonating with authenticity, vulnerability, and indomitable force, astonished young and old alike with the immediacy and timelessness of his brilliant musical and poetic talent” – Harvard University

Link for BIO: prachly.com

Guest Artist: Silong Chhun

Silong Chhun was born in Cambodia at the end of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979. He and his family arrived to the U.S. as refugees under the 1980 Refugee Resettlement Act.

He discovered his love for music as a kid and set a path to pursue a career in the music industry which lead him to where he is today as an “artist”. Disciplined in multimedia, he’ve worked on various projects ranging from graphic design, photography, music production, and videography.

In 2013, he launched Red Scarf Revolution. With its mission to be more than just another clothing label, Red Scarf Revolution gives voice to the once silenced art, culture, and language. It’s most important purpose is memorializing the darkest tragedy in the history of Cambodia with designs that represent the resiliency of the Cambodian people. www.silongchhun.com

Guest Artist: Dj Hunny

Hunny Hach is a second-generation Cambodian-American who was born in San Diego, California and raised in Long Beach. Known to many by her stage name, Dj Hunny, she is a local artist who is also an active member of the Cambodian community. Hunny has dj’d at many venues from Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston, Seattle, and Cambodia. Through her civic engagement she has worked with many grassroots organizations both locally and internationally to bridge the generation gap and to preserve Cambodian arts, culture, and history.

Hunny got involved in community work in her teenage years when she participated in an all-Asian girl group named, Vice Versa & Dj Hunny. As she traveled to perform at various shows she met and worked alongside fellow artists who eventually became community leaders and introduced her to many local organizations. In addition to her academic and professional achievements, Hunny has an unrelenting passion for community work. Throughout the years, she has been involved in Project AngkorCambodia Town Film Festival, Cambodian Youth Institute, Hearts Without BoundariesCambodian Music FestivalKhmer Alumni Association, and United Cambodian Community of Long Beach. Her humble attitude, versatile personality and skills enable her to take on roles and responsibilities based on the needs of the community.

Hunny recently co-founded Qhmer, an organization which promotes positive representation of LGBTQ+ Khmers in both the Cambodian and queer community. She is a strong believer in drawing from her experiences and applying all her knowledge and skills towards effecting positive social change and building her community.

Guest Artist: Rumany Long

Rumany Long is a vocalists that deliver soaring melodies, alternating between English and Khmer, the language of Cambodia. The Cambodian-born musician is a former member of the electronic music group Indradevi and is a current member of the Reachny Rockz.

Guest Artist: Rithy Hanh

Rithy Hanh was born in Site B Refugee Camp in Thailand. He lived there for 11 years and was sponsored by his grandparents to come to America in 1992. Rithy currently resides in Long Beach, CA. The 1st in his family to graduate from a university, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology at California State University of Long Beach. He currently works as a Service Coordinator at Harbor Regional Center, a private non-profit organization in Torrance contracting with the State of California for the provision of services to persons with developmental disabilities pursuant to the Lanterman Act.


Guest Artist: Tiffany Lytle

Tiffany Lytle is a Cambodian American singer/songwriter and dancer based in Los Angeles. Her music pairs meaningful lyrics with pop music influenced by Southeast Asia and the music of the diaspora.

Growing up, Tiffany trained in Cambodian classical dance, jazz, ballet and lyrical dance styles. Her choreography pulls from each of these styles in a unique amalgamation of lived experiences.

Her debut EP “Cambodian Child” centers Cambodian American perspectives in topics of imperialism, refugee experience, Asian American experience, mixed-race identity, and heart break. Featuring an all-star band, “Cambodian Child” mixes Khmer/ English language, Cambodian music styles, and Pop to create a provocative sound that reflects today’s political climate and the history of the Cambodian diaspora. www.tiffanylytlemusic.com

Guest Artist: Sam Tea aka “IyamSyam”

Sam “IyamSyam” Tea began writing at the age of 15 and recording out of makeshift studios in friends bedrooms. He performed at any and every show and functions that would allow him. From talent shows, cotillions, and car show, to bars and clubs he would hone his skills with friends and fellow lyricists from San Diego to Seattle, building his love for the music and movement. Influenced by the sounds of the early 90’s days of hip-hop, he catered his styles to like of Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, and Dr. Dre. Even taking some influences from the early underground hip-hop icons like the Living Legends Crew. His passion too root when began writing and recording with is cousins Silong and Ted. Forming the 2nd Language in the early 2000s, they released their first LP ‘Language Arts” in 2005. Syam went on to guest appear on many tracks with fellow MCs throughout the NorthWest, most recently featured on the track “Away From Here” by Kev. Syam currently resides in San Diego, Ca. “Away From Here” by Kev (ft. Syam, Jawsh, and MMS) can be found on iTunes. 

Guest Artist: Mike Sonksen 

Mike Sonksen aka Mike the PoeT is a 3rd-generation Los Angeles native. Poet, professor, journalist, historian and tour-guide. His book, I Am Alive in Los Angeles! has been added to the curriculum of several universities and high schools. His latest book ‘Letters to My City’ was just published by Writ Large Press. His work celebrates literary Los Angeles.

Guest Artist: Thourn Heng

Thourn Heng was born at the Thailand refugee camp and came to America in 1986. He went to Long Beach Poly High School and graduate from the PACE program. Afterwards, he went to California State University of Long Beach and earned a bachelor of science in Mathematics Education and a Single Subject Teaching Credential. In his third year of teaching at Wilson High School, he started his masters of science in Education Media Design and Technology. During that time, he was working full time and going to school full time. Thourn has been teaching for thirteen years; and he is motivated to change lives by his own motto, “Make the hood, all good.” If you would like to follow his life long journey in making the hood all good, subscribe to his YouTube channel, MrHeng562. If you would like to contact him, PM/DM him on his Facebook Messenger or Instagram, MrHeng562.