Angelina Jolie, Ambassador, Cambodia Town Film Festival

We want to wish a special Happy Birthday to our Ambassador, Angelina Jolie!

The types of work featured at our festival-which involve stories about family, migration, justice, and the human condition-speak to the power of film to reach and inspire multiple audiences. Ms. Jolie work as an artist/activist/advocate, particular with regard to Cambodia and Cambodians, is inspirational. We admire her incredible commitment to human rights, and her dedication to advocate for those involuntarily made homeless, forcibly rendered stateless, and violently displaced.

Our core values at CTFF are very much embodied by Ms. Jolie, her incredible career, her unparalleled activism, and her international advocacy. She have tirelessly endeavored to bring Cambodia’s past and its present to light. And, she have done so in a way that reflects a true love for country and community. As our Ambassador, she advocate for and help promote the interests of CTFF. Simply put, we could not think of anyone who is better qualified and more respected than Ms. Jolie for this very important role.