CTFF 8: Closing Khmer Blessing Dance by the Sacred Dancers of Angkor

To close out Cambodia Film Festival 8, the Sacred Dancers of Angkor perform Evanescence, in white costumes. Inspired from the music of the King’s Father, this is a ceremonial propitiation to bless the people of Cambodia and to vanish the coronavirus from the world.

Sacred Dancers of Angkor Surviving Covid-19 Appeal,

Hi “my name is Kul Nin. I have been a proud member of the Sacred Dancers of Angkor since 2007…For years the Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia have helped us out of poverty, to focus on perfecting our art and live a professional dream. It has taken years of dedication to master the art of our cultural heritage which is now at critical point. It is all that we know.”

We are highly trained, but our futures are threatened.