Cambodia Town Essential Donation

This Cambodia Town Essential Donation is dedicated to supporting our small businesses in Cambodia Town, Long Beach that are facing unprecedented challenges. Not only have our local businesses suffered because of the Covid-19 pandemic, now some are also losing property as a result of looting and vandalism. This funds is not just for Cambodian businesses, but for any business in the Cambodia Town district affected by the looting and vandalism. We know you may be thinking that their insurance will cover the damages, but this isn’t the case. While basic liability insurance is required for all businesses, looting and pandemic are not covered in most of these plans. These are extraordinary times, and our local businesses need our help.

Keep in mind that each business needs tens of thousands of dollars to recover, so our local businesses need all the help we can give them. Remember, many of these businesses has been giving to the community, they helped sponsored parade, sarong party, culture shows and film festival, now it’s time for us to help them back. They’re not asking for much, just enough to get back on their feet, back to business. This is for that friendly neighborhood shop where the owners know you by your first name, the store with 10-year-old kid working the cash register because their parents run the place, that corner market now owned by immigrants and refugees who came here with nothing. This is for the hangs, the shops, the markets, and the bodegas. 

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