CTFF 2019 Filmmakers Welcome Reception and Kick-Off Party (highlights)

Caylee So (CTFF co-founder), Kathyrn Lejeune (CTFF member, Filmmakers Reception Host), praCh (CTFF co-founder).

CTFF co-founders welcoming speech.

Olary Yim (CATCH International) announcing joint venture with Sok Visal’s 802, forming ‘CATCH 802’.

Rob Sok (CTFF Member), Kathryn Lejeune (CTFF Member) and Hunny Hach (CTFF Member).

Georges Chamchoum (Asian World Film Festival).

praCh (CTFF co-founder), Bee Vang’s friend and Bee Vang (CTFF 2019 Opening Remark, Actor, Gran Torino).

Cambodian Coordinating Council (Cam-CC) and Cambodia Town Inc.

Community Leaders, Filmmakers, Musicians, Producers, Chefs, Teachers, Aviator and Entrepreneurs.

CTFF’s videographers

Long Beach 8th District Councilman Al Austin with CTFF Members.

CTFF founders with ‘CATCH 802’.

Caylee So (CTFF co-founder) with Jin Hee An and David Goldizen.

Rumany Long (Musician)

Shawna Lesseur (CTFF Member) and Chamruen Newton (CTFF Members). CTFF Check In Table. 80’s Movie Theme.

CTFF 2019 Kick-Off Party: 80’s Movie Theme. Friday, September 13!

Ellen Ripley (ALIENS) and the ‘Heathers’ crew.

King Hakeem Olajuwon and his Queen LALA.

CTFF 2019 Kick-Off Party: 80’s Movie Theme Costume Contest Winner, the LABYRINTH Family!