Top Five Reasons to See VIPLAS/RACHANA at CTFF 2019

By Shawna M. Lesseur

VIPLAS/RACHANA, Directed by Sang Chanvisal, follows the life of the title character, a Cambodian-American woman, as she prepares for her first major art exhibition in Cambodia. Struggling to defeat her fear of inadequacy as a young artist, building the strength to manage her mental illness, and learning to love, Rachana needs to find her muse to finish her work before her show is cancelled. Haven’t bought your tickets yet? These are my top five reasons I know you’ll love Rachana at CTFF 2019:

5.  Positive Message:

Rachana will leave you with the positive reminder that “We can’t judge people on the surface. There’s a lot in them we cannot see.”

4. Real Characters:

Ever feel like the main characters in rom-coms are too perfect, too fake? This is not your standard romance. The characters are relatable in their imperfections, grittiness, and rough relatability.

3. Love Story:

Fall in love with the Khmer boy next door, Vireak, an art teacher at a local orphanage. Just try not to love him. You’ll fail.

2. Enjoy the Arts:

Who didn’t want to try sculpting after watching Ghost? After Rachana you may be convinced that painting should be your next hobby.

1. True Love:

Rachana probably won’t be the love story you expect, but it might be the one you need. This love story that reminds us that the most important love we all need to find is our own.