Screening: Sunday, September 15th, 1:00pm at Art Theatre Long Beach

Check out the amazing 6 shorts film below!

2019 | Narrative | Cambodia | 26 min | Khmer, English subtitles | World Premiere!

Synopsis: Before the ritual in the ancient Kingdom of Angkor, “Zhentan”, maiden Nandy is courted and loses her purity. Her boyfriend Skanda is suspected of breaching the religious rules and is ousted. He finds his path in a lifelong religious retreat. In a remote floating village along the bank of the Mekong River, villagers zealously persist in the practice of primitive religious rituals; maiden Nandy is eager for sacred love, but does not understand why her love could only win happiness after the ablution of the “Zhentan” ritual. Her boyfriend Skanda does not dare to express his affection, and only gives a bracelet to Nandy as a substitute for himself to get closer to her. During her search for the lost bracelet, Nandy is tricked into losing her virginity by another man. The priest finds out that Nandy has lost her virginity, and Skanda is accused by the villagers as being the criminal, and is ousted. Skanda couldn’t figure out why he, as a sincere believer in the religion who only prayed for happiness, was not accepted into the family; Thus he went into a retreat to explore the true religious doctrines with the hope to obtain an answer.

Director: Sibxy na PANH
Producer: YANG Jin E
Executive producer: YANG Chao
Presented by: Trend Culture Investment Co., Ltd Panh Brothers Pictures Co., Ltd
Artistic Director: CHEN Dawei
Screenplay: NAGURA Ayumi and DONG Wenbin Cameraman: YI Ding
Sound designer: TIAN Zhibo & ZHANG Yulong
Music: Bosba PANH, Composer (N.E.C. Boston, USA)
Panhlauv PANH, flute (U.V.A., Virginia, USA) Carlos AGUILAR, flute (N.E.C., Boston, USA) Richard RIVALE, piano (N.E.C., Boston, USA)

GARUDA’S SONG: Musical Memories from Cambodia
2019 | Documentary | Cambodia | 15 min | Khmer, English subtitles | World Premiere!
Director: Alex Biniaz-Harris, Ambrose Soehn

Synopsis: American composers Alex Biniaz-Harris and Ambrose Soehn write a four-hand piano piece, Garuda’s Song, based on Cambodian music from before, during and after the Khmer Rouge.

2019 | Documentary | USA | 26 min | English

Synopsis: Since the early 1990s, the art of Khmer classical ballet has found a new life in the ethnic neighborhood of Cambodia Town in Long Beach, California with the passion of Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, master dancer and survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide. Today, it is up to Khannia Ok, her protégé, to transmit this knowledge to a new generation of Cambodian-Americans, especially young girls, who grew up far from their roots. With the creation of a new show, students reconnect with their Cambodian identity through movement, costumes and community. The young Khmer ballet dancers embark on a transformative experience into spirituality and womanhood.

Writer, Director: Magali An Berthon
Producer: Magali An Berthon
Co-producer: Ateliers Monde

Director of Photography: Brett Jutkiewicz
Sound Recordist: Gordon Smith

Editor: Remi Buono

Post Production: Blue Fox Studio

Sound design: Carine Koleilat

Color grading: Lisa Fischer

Soundtrack: RJ Sin, Khmer Arts Academy, Khmer Arts Academy Pinpeat ensemble

Official Website: www.dancinginsilk.com


2018 | Narrative, Comedy | USA | 15 min | English
Director: Youthana Yuos

Starring: Rukhmani K. Desai, Hayley Keown

Synopsis: A desperately lonely Indian American woman accidentally becomes “besties” with a social media influencer who may have an ulterior motive in befriending her.


2018 | Documentary | USA | 34 min | English

Director: Joseph Mills, Sopheak Sun

Synopsis: Sopheak began this video diary early in the summer of 2006. He planned to document his life as a refugee from war-torn Cambodia and to explain the meaning of the term, “thug life.” However, his summer is ultimately defined by unexpected tragedy.