CTFF 2019 Official Selection: VIPLAS/RACHANA


2019 | Narrative | Cambodia | 110 min | Khmer, English subtitles | U.S. Premiere!

Screening: Saturday, September 14th, 3:00pm at Art Theatre Long Beach

Synopsis: Rachana, a young talented artist who lives in America, comes to Cambodia for an exhibition of her paintings. Rachana has been diagnosed with Bipolar/Borderline Personality Disorder and is on medication. But recently she has not taken her medicine and she is starting to have severe mood swings. At the gallery, while they are preparing for the exhibition, she sees some people laughing at her paintings. She is convinced that her paintings are no good and she takes them all and burns them. She promises the gallery manager that she will paint new painting in two weeks in time for the exhibition. Will she be able to maintain her balance and complete the paintings on time?

Directed by: Chanvisal Sang
Written by: Deependra Gauchan, Chanvisal Sang, Ines Sothea
Cast: Virak Vinich, Chy Rattana, Mariny Hang, Povviroth Phal, Leakhena Lorm