SATURDAY, SEPT. 16th 2017 – ART THEATRE LONG BEACH: 2025 E. 4th Street. Long Beach, CA. 90814

CTFF 2017 Opening Ceremony – 30mins

Director: Angelina Jolie
Screenplay: Angelina Jolie & Loung Ung
Producers: Angelina Jolie, Michael Vieira, Rithy Panh & Ted Sarandos
Cambodia / Narrative Feature / Khmer with English subtitles / 136 mins 

Synopsis: First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers is the adaptation of Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung’s gripping memoir of surviving the deadly Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to 1978. The story is told through her eyes, from the age of five, when the Khmer Rouge came to power, to nine years old. The film depicts the indomitable spirit and devotion of Loung and her family as they struggle to stay together during the Khmer Rouge years. Q & A with Writer and Executive Producer Loung Ung after the screening.


ANGELINA JOLIE – Director, Writer, Producer

Angelina Jolie is an Oscar-winning actress who became popular after playing the title role in the “Lara Croft” blockbuster movies, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Wanted (2008), Salt (2010), Maleficent (2014) and the same year she directed UNBROKEN (2014), the film won AFI ‘Movie of the Year’ and received 3 Academy Awards Nominations. Off-screen, Jolie has become prominently involved in international charity projects, especially those involving refugees.

Loung Ung – Writer, Executive Producer

Loung Ung is a bestselling author, activist, and co-writer of a Netflix Original Movie directed by Angelina Jolie based on her memoir, First They Killed My Father, release in early 2017. 

Author, lecturer, and activist, Loung Ung has dedicated much of her life to promoting equality and human rights in her native land and worldwide. In recognition of her work, The World Economic Forum selected Loung as one of the “100 Global Youth Leaders of Tomorrow.”

Loung’s memoir, First They Killed My Father: a Daughter of Cambodia Remembers (HarperCollins 2000)is a national bestseller and recipient of the 2001 Asian/Pacific American Librarians’ Association award for “Excellence in Adult Non-fiction Literature”, and has been published in Khmer, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and other languages. She has appeared widely on news programs and other media. She is also the author of Lucky Child and Lulu in the Sky, both published by HarperCollins. she is now working on a novel.

Today, Loung has made over 30 trips back to Cambodia. When not working and traveling, she enjoys eating fried crickets and riding her tandem bike with her husband Mark. Together, they are partners/owners of a trio of restaurants and microbrewery–the Belgian Bier Market, Bar Cento, and Market Garden Brewery–in Cleveland, Ohio.

RITHY PANH – Producer

Rithy Panh was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the 18th april 1964. He is today one of the most acclaimed documentary filmmakers and the most famous Cambodian filmmaker worldwide. After 1975 his family died through the genocidal Khmer Rouge government (1975-1979) while he could escape in 1979 to Thailand. Panh arrived a year later in Paris, France as an orphan and stayed. Rithy Panh later studied at ‘La Fémis’, the French National Cinema School. In 1989, Site 2 (1989), his first documentary about Cambodian refugees, won several international awards. Since then Panh created a unique body of work consisting of documentaries and feature films that mostly deal with the modern Cambodia and the traumatic legacy of the Khmer Rouge regime.

His most famous documentary is probabaly S21: The Khmer Rouge Death Machine (2003) about the infamous torture prison of the Khmer Rouge. Later his avant-garde documentary The Missing Picture (2013) became the first Cambodian film nominated for an Academy Award as ‘Best Foreign Language Film’. Rithy Panh, along with director Ieu Pannakar, has developed ‘Bophana: Audio Visual Resource Center – Cambodia’, with an aim towards preserving the country’s film, photographic and audio history. Rithy Panh received an honorary doctorate in 2011 by the University of Paris-VIII and published in 2012 his acclaimed autobiography “L’Élimination”. In 2014 he received the ‘Preservation and Scholarship’ Award of the International Documentary Association (IDA).