CTFF 2016 Official Sponsors: The NANCY LEE Show

First Cambodian talk show in the U.S. with live audience
Watch online at www.khmertv.com
Thursday at 8pm PST
Sunday at 12pm PST
The mission of the show is to INSPIRE the people, give HOPE, and PRESERVE the culture.
Nancy Lee with Actress, Virek Dara

“It was a long crazy fun day. Two taping in one day, wow! Thanks to Ame who always make my hair and make-up beautiful and for feeding me breakfast. and her beautiful sister Katie for also bought me breakfast. Thanks to Malinni for stepping up to sub for me on the show and for buying me breakfast. Thanks to one audience who also brought me food. With all that free food but I didn’t have time to eat. Thanks to all my team for the commitment and dedications to make this show possibles. I am beyond blessed to have great ppl in my life and forever grateful for their support. I love you all very much!” – Nancy Lee

LONG BEACH – FEBRUARY 22: Taping of episode 3 of The Nancy Lee Show at the Manzanar Gamboa Theater in Long Beach, California on January 22, 2015 (Photo: Michael Burr)
“Well…if you take pictures on my stage you might get photobomb by… Me of course. 🙂 😉 photo credit: Mr. Sombo sneah Peter Klang, I meant Peter Thlang. :)”- Nancy Lee