CTFF 2015 Official Sponsor: THUNDER STUDIOS

Thunder Studios is a full-­service independent production studio in Long Beach, California comprising 20 stages, a backlot, and ample parking.  The Studio itself exceeds 150,000 square feet with the backlot totaling an additional 60,000 square feet. Thunder’s stages can accommodate all types and sizes of production including feature length films, television shows, music videos, commercials, and still photography.


Rodric David, CEO of Thunder Studios is pleased to announce the winners of its inaugural Thunder Funder filmmaker competition.

The projects selected for further development and production are Women Behaving Badly by Maya Batash and La America Femme by Charles Haine.

Maya Batash is an award winning filmmaker and actress who has gone on to direct two feature films: Out of the Fog, her directorial debut and Talking to God, which anticipates a summer release.
“I’m excited about this amazing opportunity to partner with Thunder Funder and develop my project at their giant facility. I look forward to working with them in 2015,” said Maya Batash.
Women Behaving Badly is a romantic comedy in the vein of Broad City. It follows the lives of Tanya and Macy as they shake up the monotony of their lives by intentionally dating all the wrong men.
Charles Haine is a filmmaker and entrepreneur working in the motion picture industry since 1999. He founded the Academy Award nominated production company Dirty Robber in 2008 which produced Angels Perch, Charles’ directorial debut.

“What excited me about Thunder Funder was it was clearly put together by a group of people with a realistic idea of how the indie film financing world is changing and who wanted to produce a slate of projects that wouldn’t have been possible to make under the old system. I couldn’t be more excited to work with them. Together, we’ll find new ways to engage audiences,” said Charles Haine.
La America Femme is a story in the vein of American Splendor. It follows Errol as he searches for a long lost film of Jean-Luc Goddard, a project that’s been buried since 1967.

“Rodric David, Thunder Studios, and Pace Pictures are all excited to partner with these talented filmmakers in producing their feature films. With our studio facility, marketing and production professionals, Thunder Funder will provide guidance throughout the development process, fostering emerging artists as they bring their cinematic voice to the screen,” said Joshua Hoover, Development Director for Thunder Funder.
For those who provided Thunder Funder with material this last cycle, we would like to extend an invitation to resubmit any project at no additional cost.