CTFF Proud Partner of CAM-CC New Year Parade & Celebration 2015

We are pleased to announce that we are a proud partner of the Cambodian Coordinating Council(Cam-CC) and together we are coordinating this year Cambodian New Year Parade(April 12th, 2015) and Cambodian New Year Celebration(April 25th, 2015) in Cambodia Town, Long Beach, California.

YOU can HELP this community event by purchasing wonderful PERKs on our INDIEGOGO champaign.  LINK >>> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/i-support-the-cambodian-new-year-parade-2015

Some PERKs includes:
-A signed photographed (of parade) postcard from Cam-CC.
-An “I Supported the Cambodian New Years Parade” bumper sticker
-A signed Poster from Cam-CC -4 T-Shirts ($60)
-6 Ticket Entry to the Cambodian New Years at the Park ($280)
-4 VIP Ticket to Cambodian Town Film Festival ($1000)
-Invitation to a Private Dinner hosted by Cam-CC
-An official An official Award Recognition by Cam-CC
-1 Eva Air (international) Round Trip Tickets (Airline restrictions will apply) Valued at ($1700)

The New Year Parade must happen! And we need you to keep it alive this year!!

In 2005 Cam-CC began hosting a New Year celebration at the Park that was extraordinarily successful with more activities, more volunteers and more support from the community and sponsors than ever before. Off the excitement and energy of all its patrons (from all over the world), Cam-CC decided to extend the preservation of the Cambodian culture by hosting in conjunction with the New Years at the Park, a Cambodian New Year Parade. The beloved tradition successfully continued on for 5 more years until the economy struck Long Beach harder then before and sponsors became more difficult to acquire. In 2012, the parade was discontinued. But with the determination of Cam-CC in finding new ways to bring back the parade, in April of 2014, the parade reemerged with the help of the communities all across the country. In 2015, we ask you once again to please join us in the goal of sustaining and maintaining this grand preservation of Khmer culture and Identity!