and the OSCARS goes to,…

“As the world was watching the Oscars to see Hollywood stars in their dresses and who will give the best or worse speeches. Many of us, the supporters of “The Missing Picture,”(the first Cambodian film to be nominated for an Oscar) were glued to the television, watching with great anticipation to the announcement of “Best Foreign Film.” We searched for Rithy Panh in the crowd of usual Oscar attendees, and we even wondered if Ellen would ever make her way past the usual ten rows. But most importantly, we were all watching in an excitement that had escaped most of our Oscar watches, until this year, when it truly did mean something. I’m certain that even if the win was close, we will continue to celebrate this achievement and this film long after the red carpet has been rolled up and put away. Like Rithy Panh said, this film belongs to us now. History continues to be written and now, the road ahead seems to be paved with a shade of gold.”

On behalf of Cambodia Town Film Festival, Congratulations Mr. Rithy Panh!

Photo: Caylee So/CTFF