OFFICIAL: Laura Tevary Mam is one of our FEATURED ARTIST in our ‘MUSICAL CORNER’ Section. * It will be Laura’s FIRST TIME Performing in LONG BEACH/CAMBODIA TOWN.

Our music corner highlights Musicians/Artists who has utilized the visual medium to tell the stories in their songs. Join us for an evening with documentaries, music videos and Q&A’s with some of today’s most musically gifted storytellers.


Laura Mam is a Cambodian-American songwriter/singer/guitarist who was born and raised in California’s Bay Area. She was inspired to write original music in college after starting her youtube channel when she began receiving messages from Cambodians around the world about their hopes for the revival of original music and artists in Cambodia. She believes that the reconciliation of the traumas of the past can be found through expression of hope for the future among Cambodians living in both the homeland and the expansive diaspora around the world. Laura’s dreams for music are centered on rebuilding a sense of confidence in the arts among Cambodians and hopes that she can use music as a vehicle for empowerment. Over the past few years, Laura has teamed up with various NGOs and performed for many non profit organizations that contribute to rebuilding Cambodia including Cambodia Living Arts, Cambodian’s Women’s Resource Center, Khmer Health Advocates and Friends of Khmer Culture.

Over the past few years, Laura built her reputation playing with the rock band, The Like Me’s, as the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter. The Like Me’s were most known for their music video re-make of Sva Rom Monkiss as well as their original single, Pka Proheam Rik Popreay. As a result of their success, they were able to tour the US, Canada, and Cambodia. Furthermore, The Like Me’s also became the world’s first ChildSafe RockBand and ambassadors for the international NGO working with marginalized urban youth in Cambodia, Friends International.

In January of 2013, The Like Me’s decided to take a break and Laura began her solo artist career. She has focused on returning to her acoustic style roots and is experimenting with indie music and traditional Khmer sounds. She plans on releasing her first solo EP this year in both English and Khmer. On the upcoming EP, she has teamed up with guitarist Tim Atlas of April Chase, bassist Luke Borello of Super Soul Brothers, and Dj Cutso of the The Bangerz.