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Introducing the CTFF
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The Cambodia Town Film Festival (CTFF) will be held September 3-6, 2015 at the Art Theatre, 2025 East 4th Street in Long Beach, CA.

Music Courtesy of INDRADEVI.
Edited by Natalie Chan

Filmmaker Welcoming Reception

Thursday, 9.3.2015 | 7:oo PM

CTFF Kickoff Party "Heaven" Theme

Friday, 9.4.2015 | 7:oo PM

3240 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804

11:00 AM | Begins with opening ceremony

The Last Reel

A lost film, buried beneath Cambodia's killing fields, reveals different versions of the truth. A contemporary story about love, family and the ghosts of Cambodia's past.

Directed by: Kulikar Sotho
Producers: Kulikar Sotho, Murray Pope,
Ian Masters

Followed by a Q & A with Filmmakers:
Dy Saveth, Kulikar Sotho, Ma Rynet, Sok Sothun, Hun Sophy & Ros Mony

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3:00 PM

Bonne Nuit Papa

On his deathbed, Dr. Ottara Kem desired to be buried in Cambodia. With the fulfillment of his wish, begins an intense, conciliative, and poetic journey through the story of his life.

Directed by: Marina Kem
Producers: Stefan Heinen, Oliver Neis, Marina Kem

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5:00 PM

Short Film Corner

Followed by a Q & A with Filmmakers

Directed by: Poy Chhunly

Colorful Knots
Directed by: Polen Ly

Directed by: Sothea Chhin

A Fistful of Pebbles
Directed by: Somchanrith Chap

Directed by: Youthana Yuos

Directed by: Krew Keth

American Refugee
Directed by: Lia Johnson

7:45 PM


For years we have tried to harness the power of the human mind and failed. Now, one breakthrough will change everything. Beyond technology. Beyond humanity. Beyond control. The fight for free will begins.

Directed by: Khalil Sullins
Producers: Jamal Degruy, Khalil Sullins, Travis Nicholson

Followed by a Q & A with Filmmakers:
Thomas Stroppel, Artie Ahr, Steve Hanks, Amber Marie Bollinger & Christine Haeberman

11:00 AM

Angkor's Children

A film about the power of art to heal a nation after genocide, told through the voices of three young women.

Directed by: Lauren Shaw

Our Journey

This film follows the struggles of Maria 'Yaya' San, who grew up in a low-income neighborhood in East Oakland, California.

Directed by: Aya Okawa

1:00 PM

The Roots Remain

Follow the story of Canadian-raised graffiti artist FONKi as he returns to his ancestral Cambodia, reunites with his family, and paints an emotional, poignant tribute to his grandparents who disappeared during the war.

Directed and Produced by:
Jean-Sébastien Francoeur
& Andrew Marchand-Boddy

Followed by a Q & A with Filmmakers

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3:15 PM

The Killing Fields

Revisit this Academy Award Winning Film: A powerful story of friendship, honor, and a flight to freedom on the battlefields of Cambodia's impending "Year Zero."

Directed by: Roland Joffé
Producer: David Puttnam

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6:00 PM

The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor

Tells the dramatic story of arguably the most recognizable survivor of the Cambodian genocide. He rises to become a worldwide ambassador for justice in his homeland only to be murdered in a Los Angeles Chinatown alley.

Directed and Produced by: Arthur Dong

Followed by a Q & A with Filmmakers:
Sophia Ngor, Arthur Dong & Executive Director of the Haing S. Ngor Foundation: Jack Ong

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Award Ceremony

Sunday, 9.6.2015 | 9:oo PM

Art Theatre of Long Beach

Welcome to Cambodia Town Film Festival 2015

Art Theatre | September 3-6 2015

2025 East 4th Street | Long Beach, CA

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